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st columbkille checking account

Checking (Draft) Accounts

Our checking (draft) account offers convenience without the costs!

  • No monthly service fee
  • Duplicate checks will be ordered through the credit union
  • Canceled checks will not be returned
  • Funds deposited by checks will be available in accordance with the Funds Availability Policy
  • Direct / Debit Loan payments and deposits to your share account can be made by direct debit to your checking accounts
  • Statements are mailed monthly
st columbkille Certificates of deposit

Certificates of Deposit

See our savings rates

  • Being offered for a period of 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months
  • Minimum amount to open a CD is $500
  • Rates are subject to change as determined by the Board of Directors
st columbkille ach

Direct Deposit

Take the hassle out of your banking by direct depositing your paycheck or retirement payment into your credit union's savings (share) or checking (draft) account.


  • It's a safe, secure and reliable method to deposit your payment or deposit into your savings (share) or checking (draft) account.
  • Funds are transferred electronically; therefore, there are no lost checks or any check holding period.
  • It's convenient and you'll have access to your money faster and without the need to visit the Credit Union.
  • Deposit all or a portion of your paycheck or government check.
  • Social Security benefits can be deposited into your accounts in a timely manner. The Social Security Administration has used Direct Deposit for benefit payments for years.
  • To start direct deposit, you will need your share or draft account number and our routing number.
st columbkille debit cards

Debit Cards

Use the debit card to pay for everyday purchases when you link it to your Draft account. Prepaid debit cards, on which a certain amount of money can added, are also available; they are a great option for travelling!